photos by Gregor Khuen Belasi

Marco Facchin & Manuel Randi

Welcome to "Dangerous Encounters"! We are a guitar/harpsichord duo which takes a new perspective on Early Music. No long talk; please go to the Music page and check out some tracks. What follows here is the genesis of the project.


I've always wanted to make music with Manuel Randi. For some reason, our pathways didn't cross when we, as young musicians, were into rock. Later on he was too busy finding his own style on guitar and I was too busy playing a lot of Bach. Ten years ago we played together in a musical theater production. On that occasion, Manuel came to my place after a rehearsal. The King's Hunt was on the harpsichord and he started sight-reading the piece. I thought it sounded awesome on guitar.

Recently I invited him to my studio to record some tracks for film. We had a lot of fun and I could dig his playing even more than in the past. Besides being a virtuoso, he has a rare sensibility and he cares about details. The unusual combination of harpsichord/guitar had been going on my mind for all those years, and I knew it was the right time to start experimenting. I needed a new experience in Early Music and Manuel was eager to be challenged. We rehearsed for six months, then we performed a concert. The enthusiastic response of the audience convinced us to make this recording.

The music on this disc was originally meant to be played by harpsichord only. The "intavolatura" was a keyboard transcription of a work for voices or for orchestra. We did the other way round: we expanded the harpsichord pieces and played them with two instruments. Similar to the jazz pianists of today, most keyboard players of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries (from Frescobaldi to Bach) were great improvisers. According to Baroque spirit and practice, we too, left some space for improvisation and interplay. In a way, we really went back to the roots of this music!
– Marco Facchin

I always wanted to play with Marco Facchin! He is a fantastic harpsichordist with a clean technique and passionate, yet still light phrasing. To play with him is like sailing on high waves!
For years we have been talking about doing something together and slowly became fond of this idea of a modern re-interpretation of Baroque music. After a few rehearsals, we realized that the combination of our instruments could work, even if at first it sounded unusual. In order to find a good balance, we opted for a Flamenco-guitar. I was not completely convinced, but Marco was so crazy about my "Red Flamenco Spider" that he was head-banging (in a good way!) whenever I played it. I had no choice! And it sounds great. – Manuel Randi