Marco Facchin

Marco Facchin studied organ, harpsichord, and composition in Verona, Boston, Amsterdam. While active as a performer in the international Early Music scene, Marco also pursued a parallel career as a pop-rock producer and film music composer. He has performed around the globe, collaborating with different artists in multiple genres.
As a classical musician, Marco Facchin collaborated with celebrated artists including James David Christie, Daniel Pinkham, Dan Laurin, Helmut Rilling, Max van Egmond, Emma Kirkby, John Finney, Susanne Ryden, Robin Blaze, and Claudio Astronio. In 1997, he won the Prix de la presse at the International Bach Organ Competition in Lausanne. Marco has played in many Early Music recordings, both as a soloist and a basso-continuo player.
Marco has written music for Italian and Austrian TV, tracks for commercials and trailers, and soundtracks for many European documentary films. As a writer/producer he works with international songwriters and rock bands such as Frei-wild and Down Below. In 2011, he was nominated for the “Hollywood Music in Media Awards.”.

Manuel Randi
photos by Gregor Khuen Belasi

Manuel Randi is one of the most astonishing virtuosos on electric, acoustic, and classical guitar. Fascinated by rock in his early years, he then became an expert of other styles such as Bossa Nova, Flamenco, Balkan, and Tango. Thanks to the lyricism and soulfulness of his playing, he gained many fans among guitar aficionados in Italy, Austria, Germany, and Spain. Manuel developed a sophisticated, original style combining world music and jazz. He is constantly expanding his range, also playing the oud, saz, bouzuki, and rebab.
Equally at home in rock, folk, jazz, and Latin music, Manuel Randi has worked as a session man for different artists and bands. He has toured Europe with celebrated artists including Herbert Pixner Project, Francio Lassus, Linley Marthe, Tullio De Piscopo, Christian Meyer, Ellade Bandini, and Fabio Rossato. He is regularly invited to perform at music instrument exhibitions and collaborates with classical guitar builders. Manuel has been voted as one of the Ten Best Guitarists of Italy.